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The future of HDMI is here with fiber-optic technology

The addition of fiber-optic technology to traditional copper HDMI cables allows for ultimate data transfer speed while ensuring zero data loss. See everything as it was meant to be seen regardless of the distance.

HDMI 2.0b for the ultimate high-definition viewing experience

Using HDMI2.0b technology, audio and image have never seem sharper. Smart synchronization and ultimate high-resolution makes for the most immersive viewer experience available. The ubiquitous HDMI connector makes for a seamless, worry-free installation.

Hybrid technology to reach beyond the limits of HDMI

We strive to take you where no one could go before. Our specially engineered copper/fiber-optic hybrid cable allows us to offer cables up to 300 meters with high-speed data transfer capabilities and zero data loss.

Go the Distance with HDR Link Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

The Ultimate HDMI Cable Solution

This is no common HDMI cable. Supporting the latest HDMI 2.0b standard, the introduction of fiber optic technology allows for the best performing HDMI cable in the market, ensuring high-speed data transfer without any data loss.

Our specially engineered fiber optic hybrid HDMI cable offers the best interconnection solution available.  By using a hybrid fiber optic and copper cable, HDR Link ensures the maximum 18.6 Gbps high-speed, high bandwidth signal transmission with the absolute minimum of digital signal loss.

Fiber optic technology allows for connectivity even over extremely long distances, impossible with traditional copper HDMI cables.   From commercial display installations to the high-end home theater, HDR Link Fiber Optic HDMI cables guarantee a flawless video transmission across any distance.

Transfer data at the speed of light

Fiber optic technology allows high-speed data transfer without data loss over long cable lenghts. Adding optic fibers to an HDMI cable makes it faster than ever to transfer information and connect devices while offering unparalleled accuracy. Allowing for more than 1 billion colors with the 10-bit color space, High Dynamic Range (HDR) will enhance your viewing experience; allowing you to see every detail as it was meant to be seen.

Go beyond High Definition with HDMI 2.0b

Trust your high definition content will project easily and neatly with HDMI cable that features a bandwidth of up to 18.6 Gbps.  Coupled with the availability of 32 audio channels, 1536 kHz audio frequency and dynamic synchronization of audio and video streams, HDR Link delivers an immersive video and audio experience that captivates the audience.

HDMI 2.0b technology allows for simultaneous delivery of multi-stream audio and dual video streams on a single cable.  Enjoy your cinema with true wide angle theatrical 21:9 video, ensuring you and every person in your audience has the most immersive experience possible.

Innovating HDMI with Fiber-Optics

The specially engineered coupling features a 45-degree fiber array that translates the optical transmission and encoding from the electric signal, ensuring a clean signal for years to come.

Supporting video resolutions of 1080p and up to 4K2K (60p), as well as Deep Color (4:4:4), our HDMI cable technology makes for the richest, sharpest image projection capabilities available.

This is no common HDMI cable: Besides featuring the latest HDMI 2.0b technology, the introduction of Fiber Optic technology allows for the best performing HDMI cable in the market, ensuring high-speed data transfer without any data loss.

The best of both worlds

Combining the high speeds of fiber optic and the fidelity of traditional copper cable, our hybrid copper/fiber cable allows for a crystal clear image without signal loss regardless of cable length. You can have complete confidence that it will work with the demanding standards for 4K and HDR.  Fully compliant with the HDMI 2.0b standard, this cable solution supports HDR, ARC, and HDCP.  Our specially engineered converter is designed to use the 5V power passed over the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for any external adapter.

HDMI cables designed to fit your needs

The premier HDMI solution in the market, our long-reach cables allow you to enjoy high-speed data transfer with excellent performance every time. Combining the trustworthiness of traditional copper and the ultimate technology and data transfer properties of fiber-optic cables, HDR Link makes it possible to transfer high definition video and sound at the speed of light while easily connecting equipment up to 300 meters away. HDR Link Optical HDMI is the perfect solution for everyone from the demanding home owner with a top-of-the-line home theater to the commercial installer expecting reliability for years to come.

HDMI 2.0b Standard

Using the ubiquitous HDMI connection, we make possible to incorporate the latest technology into your everyday life. HDMI 2.0b improves on the already familiar technology, going beyond high definition, so you see the content as it was meant to be seen.

Fiber Optic Hybrid

HDR Link cables offer the ultimate in HDMI cable innovation, improving on the strengths and eliminating the usual limitations of traditional HDMI copper cables. Fiber optic makes it possible to transfer everything at the speed of light, with minimal data loss.

Extra Long Cables

Make your cables adapt to your space, not the other way around! Worrying about equipment placement will be a thing of the past. Our hybrid technology allows to bypass standard copper cables maximum length while preserving flawless picture quality.

Ultimate HDMI connection no matter the distance

You need top-of-the-line image and video quality everywhere, and our cables are built with a demanding audience in mind. Whether you need to connect equipment in a small room, or in a stadium, we’ve got you covered! Our different cables come in the right size for any job: small or large, you’ll always have the right length for your needs. Want a special size? Give us a call and we’ll arrange for a tailor-made cable to fit your room and particular needs; we offer everything from 10 to 300 meters!

Even at lengths where a standard copper HDMI cable starts failing and loosing data, our specially engineered technology with it’s ultra-low power copper to fiber optic coupling allows for flawless data transfer, high-speed performance and ultimate high-definition rendering that will take you where our competitors can’t even dream reaching.

      10 m / 32 ft

      20 m / 64 ft

      30 m / 98 ft

       50 m / 164 ft

         100 m / 328 ft

         300 m / 984 ft

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